Scripts for testing C2Metadata applications

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Scripts for testing C2Metadata applications

We welcome examples of scripts and data that can be used to develop and test C2Metadata software.

Some guidelines:

1. Command scripts should be for these statistical packages: SPSS, Stata, SAS, and R

2. Ideally, we would like a script, the data that it processes, and pre-transformation metadata in either DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) or EML (Ecological Markup Language).  We are especially interested in examples with metadata at the variable level.  Examples with data and script but without metadata are useful too.

3. The scripts should focus on data transformations (e.g. compute/generate, recode, if ... then) rather than statistical analysis (e.g. crosstab, regression).  We may not get to variables created by statistical procedures (e.g. residuals, predicted values) in this project.

4.  You can tell us where to find examples by adding a comments to this post.