C²Metadata session at IASSIST, Montreal, May 30, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 17:00

Session B5 “C²Metadata: Automating the Capture of Data Transformations from Scripts for Statistical Packages”
“C²Metadata Overview: Automating the Workflow of Metadata”
George Alter, University of Michigan
“C²Metadata and DDI”
Sanda Ionescu, University of Michigan
“The Impact of C2Metadata on the Database Community”
Jie Song, University of Michigan
“Parsing SPSS and Stata into a Structured Data Transformation Language”
Jeremy Iverson, Colectica
Dan Smith, Colectica
Ornulf Risnes, Norwegian Centre for Research Data
“Capturing Data Transformations into DDI 2.5”
Jack Gager, Metadata Technology North America
Pascal Heus, Metadata Technology North America
Carson Hunter,  Metadata Technology North America

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